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Consultation on proposed revisions to bulletin S-02 and specifications S-S-06 and S-G-08

Current status: Closed

This consultation was closed on .

Measurement Canada (MC) is consulting on proposed revisions to the following specifications and bulletin:

These revisions will make electronic temperature converting (TC) modules eligible for compliance sampling.

In 2020, MC developed and published a new specification (S-G-08) for the verification, reverification, installation and use of electronic volume conversion (EVC) devices and functions, as well as an inspection procedure (P-G-08). Now that these new documents are in effect, gas industry stakeholders have asked MC to make EVC devices eligible for compliance sampling in accordance with S-S-06. This project has been submitted to the Gas Process Advisory Committee (GPAC) and an initial impact filter has been completed. The main objective of this project is to allow rotary meter pressure bodies equipped with an interchangeable electronic temperature converting (TC) module to compete on an equal playing field with TC diaphragm and ultrasonic domestic gas meters used in commercial applications. In 2021, gas industry stakeholders were consulted on considerations for the eligibility of electronic TC modules for compliance sampling, including considerations for establishing maximum permissible errors.

If you would like to participate in this consultation, please write to Christian Bonneau to request a copy of the draft specifications and bulletin. All comments must be received by Christian Bonneau by 29 July, 2022.

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