Labour Relations–Canada Labour Code Part I

The CIRB deals with applications and complaints involving the acquisition and termination of bargaining rights, unfair labour practices, the determination of the levels of services required to be maintained during a work stoppage, unlawful strikes or lockouts, the labour relations implications of corporate mergers and acquisitions, and other matters brought forward by employees, trade unions or employers in federal jurisdiction.

Who Can Apply or Complain

  • Employees and dependent contractors in federal jurisdiction (not including persons performing management functions or employed in a confidential capacity in matters relating to industrial relations.)
  • Trade unions certified by the CIRB or any other trade union that has entered into a collective agreement on behalf of employees in federal jurisdiction.
  • Employers or employers’ associations who employ employees in federal jurisdiction.

To find information on applications or complaints under Part I of the Code, consult the Board's information circulars.

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