The CIRB is Adopting New Technology

The Canada Industrial Relations Board (CIRB or the Board) is enhancing the way it manages its case files and will be launching a new case management system on December 7, 2020. Among its advantages is that the new system will serve as an online one-stop shop where clients and CIRB personnel can share case-related documents and information.

Along with the implementation of the new system come a few changes, including the renewal of the Board’s filing portal and the streamlining of some of its business processes. Changes include:

Decommissioning of Faxes

Effective December 7, 2020, the Board will decommission all faxes in its offices throughout Canada. Clients will no longer be able to fax applications and other correspondence to the Board. As of this date, clients will have to file their applications and documents with the Board via the e-Filing Web Portal (the Portal).

Moving Away From Emails

Once the system is implemented, the exchange of written correspondence and documents on file matters will have to take place using the Board’s Portal. The Portal is easy to use and will ensure proper management of all case-related information.  However, to give clients time to adjust to this new process, emails may continue to be used as a means of filing applications and documents with the Board until January 15, 2021.

Disconnecting Landlines

The new measures introduced above align well with the Administrative Tribunals Support Service of Canada’s “Cut the Cord” initiative, which is an effort to reduce the cost of telecommunications in federal government organizations. Effective December 21, 2020, two weeks after the decommissioning of faxes, the Board will disconnect the landlines of employees who have a government-issued mobile phone. Employees will be providing their new mobile phone number to their regular contacts in their respective region. In the event that mobile phones are not functioning, clients will still be able to reach the Board via its 1-800 information line found on its Contact Us web page.

Updating Government Electronic Directory Services

The Board will ensure that the federal directory of public servants will be updated with the new numbers for all employees.

The Board understands that you might have concerns or questions regarding these changes, and invite you to share them via our information toll-free line or mailbox.

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