COVID-19–Videoconference Consent

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The parties have agreed to mediate the Canada Industrial Relations Board (CIRB) file number XXXXX-C by videoconference.

As a participant in the mediation, I undertake, acknowledge and consent to the following:

  1. The mediation will take place using a video conferencing technology called Zoom;
  2. Persons who are not actively participating in the mediation and who have not been identified to the mediator as being present shall not log into the technology or be with a person who is participating;
  3. The participants will not record the mediation session in any medium;
  4. The password provided for the video conference shall not be shared with anyone who has not been invited to participate by the mediator without the consent of the mediator;
  5. Although steps will been taken to protect the confidentiality of the mediation, the nature of this technology is such that confidentiality cannot be guaranteed. Participants must have access to a telephone and be ready to proceed by teleconference if deemed more appropriate or if there is a technical problem;
  6. To minimize the risk of security breaches, participants will not open attachments or click on links in the video conferencing technology that they are not certain are valid and for the purposes of the mediation;
  7. Sensitive documents shall be exchanged via courier or email and not over a video conferencing technology;
  8. The CIRB and the ATSSC cannot be responsible for the protection of the personal information that may have been entered by the participants, or for the information that may be shared by Zoom with third parties;
  9. The participant’s acknowledgment and consent of the terms indicated in this document is to be received by email, in lieu of a signature.

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