Greening Government Operations

Greening Government Operations Table for the RPP 2014–15

The government’s Policy on Green Procurement requires the CIRB to implement an effective approach for green procurement, including establishing targets, management processes and controls, training and performance evaluations to support its implementation.

Target 7.2: Green Procurement
As of April 1, 2014, the Government of Canada will continue to take action to embed environmental considerations into public procurement, in accordance with the federal Policy on Green Procurement.
Performance Measurement
Expected Result
Environmentally responsible acquisition, use and disposal of goods and services.
Performance Indicator Targeted Performance Level (RPP)
The CIRB will continue to reuse or recycle surplus electronic and electrical equipment (EEE) in an environmentally sound and secure manner in accordance with the CIRB established procedures. 100% of equipment
The CIRB will continue to purchase printers, faxes, scanners and photocopiers with one or more environmental features.

100% of new purchases

The CIRB will continue to purchase paper that has a minimum of 30% recycled content.

100%  of paper purchased

The CIRB will reduce the amount of paper used for printing. Reduce by 2% the quantity of paper purchased during the fiscal year.
Number and percentage of specialists in procurement and/or materiel management who have completed the Canada School of Public Service Green Procurement course or equivalent, in the given fiscal year.

Number : 1

Percentage: 100%
Number and percentage of managers and functional heads of procurement and materiel whose performance evaluation includes support and contribution towards green procurement, in the given fiscal year.

Number: 2

Percentage: 100%
Implementation Strategy Element or Best Practice Targeted Performance Level

Best Practice

7.2.3. Train acquisition cardholders on green procurement.
The CIRB seeks to “achieve” this best practice by having all identified procurement and materiel management functional specialists complete the green procurement course offered by the Canada School of Public Service, or equivalent, within two years of being identified as a specialist.
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