Greening Government Operations

Green Procurement Reporting for Departments and Agencies Not Bound by the Federal Sustainable Development Act

Departments and agencies bound by the Policy on Green Procurement but not the Federal Sustainable Development Act must complete mandatory reporting, in compliance with Section 7 of the Policy on Green Procurement.
Targets / Strategies / Comments as indicated in the 2011–12 RPP RPP 2011–12 DPR 2011–12 Comments
i. In fiscal year 2011–12, the Canada Industrial Relations Board (the CIRB) will ensure that it meets all of the requirements of the Policy on Green Procurement 100% 100% The CIRB respects all the requirements set out in the Policy on Green Procurement.
ii. As part of their 2011–12 training plan, 50% of acquisition cardholders will be invited to take the online Green Procurement course (C215) offered by the CSPS. 50% 0% The CIRB faced a turnover rate of 100% within its procurement team. New staff with procurement responsibilities were faced with steep learning curves and had to take many procurement courses. Hence, priority was given to other mandatory courses. However it is still the objective for the year 2012–13 that at least 50% of acquisition cardholders take the online Green Procurement course (C215) offered by the CSPS.
iii. The CIRB will maximize the use of PWGSC consolidated procurement instruments. Staff responsible for procurement have all been trained on the use of basic PWGSC consolidated procurement instruments. Management encourages the use of these instruments whenever possible.
iv.The CIRB will ensure that all paper purchases have a minimum of 30% recycled content. 100% 100% All paper purchased by CIRB contained a minimum of 30% recycled content.
v. The CIRB will encourage employees to print double-sided to reduce paper consumption. CIRB staff is reminded regularly to use double-sided printing when feasible.
vi. The CIRB is in the process of consolidating its printing devices. Physical fax machines are being removed and faxes are routed to emails. As stand-alone network printers need replacement, multifunctional devices will be used instead. These printer consolidation initiatives will reduce the printing device inventory size, as well as promote a reduction in the amount of paper, ink toner and electricity used. Most physical fax machines have been removed. Some were kept as a back-up only in case the email fax systems are not available. Multifunctional printer devices are available for all CIRB staff.
vii. The CIRB will ensure that surplus electronic and electrical waste will be sent to Computers for Schools to be reused. Components and parts that cannot be reused will be properly recycled. 100% 100% All surplus computers that met the requirements for Computers for Schools were sent to this organization to be reused. The ones that did not meet the requirements were disposed of or recycled in a manner respecting the environment.

Of note, for the above targeted areas, the CIRB will develop further implementation strategies, performance measures and scoping criteria, as required.

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