Application for Recognition of an Association of Producers

What recognition is

Section 24 of the Status of the Artist Act entitles producers to form associations for the purpose of bargaining and entering into scale agreements with artists' associations. The formation of an association of producers is entirely voluntary.

Application for recognition

How do producers obtain recognition of their association?

In order to obtain the exclusive right to bargain on behalf of its members, an association of producers must file the following information with the Board:

  1. a copy of its membership list;
  2. the name, address, telephone number and fax number, if any, of the authorized representative of the association of producers;
  3. the name of every artists' association from whom it has received a notice to bargain or with whom it has entered into a scale agreement.

The membership list filed with the Board must be kept up-to-date by sending to the Board the name of any producer who joins or withdraws from the association of producers, and the date of membership or withdrawal from membership.

The membership list and any updates to it should be sent to the:

Canada Industrial Relations Board
240 Sparks Street, 4th Floor West
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0X8

Telephone: 1-800-575-9696
Fax: 613-995-9493

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What is the effect of filing a membership list with the Board?

Once an association of producers has filed its membership list with the Board, that association has the exclusive right to bargain on behalf of its members for the purpose of entering into or amending a scale agreement.

A scale agreement which is entered into by an association of producers binds each producer who was a member of the association at the time the agreement was signed or who subsequently joins the association, even if the association is later dissolved or the producer withdraws from membership in the association. In the event that a producer withdraws from an association of producers, any scale agreement that was negotiated while that producer was a member will continue to apply to the producer until the date it expires.

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